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Updated: 6 min 40 sec ago

You’ll need to show your face to use ATMs in Macau

10 min 41 sec ago
Macau, the gambling capital of the world, is upgrading all 1,200 of its ATMs with facial recognition cameras. According to Bloomberg, any user looking to make a withdrawal will need to enter their PIN and then stare into a lens for six seconds to ver...
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'AMC Premiere' will let you stream 'The Walking Dead' ad-free

32 min 41 sec ago
Today, AMC announced a new way to watch its programming -- through a new service called AMC Premiere that allows subscribers to watch episodes of its current season shows without ads. However, unlike HBO's and Showtime's standalone apps, AMC Premiere...
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Uber says it had nothing to do with stolen Waymo data

53 min 41 sec ago
Uber has denied conspiring with Anthony Levandowski to steal Waymo's self-driving tech in its latest court filing. According to Bloomberg and Reuters, Uber refuted Waymo's accusation that it colluded with Levandowski to steal 14,000 files before the...
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Instagram puts AI to work burying offensive comments

1 hour 13 min ago
Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it had begun using a language AI called DeepText on its platform. Language is complex, and in order to better understand intent (an important part of flagging hate speech, for example), any computer program...
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Light-powered 'robot' cleans while it crawls

1 hour 32 min ago
Scientists in the UK and Netherlands have developed the first-ever device that can "walk" along like a caterpillar using a single, constant light source for power. The concept is clever: A polymer material is installed in a frame shorter than itself...
Categories: Nerd News

Anchor lets you record and publish podcasts from your phone

1 hour 54 min ago
If you haven't heard of Anchor yet, it's an app that lets you record little bits of audio and broadcast them to your followers with minimal fuss. In a lot of ways, it's like Instagram or Snapchat stories, but focused purely on audio recordings -- you...
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AI will predict key moments at the Tour de France

2 hours 13 min ago
Machine learning is popping up in a range of different sports, helping to predict everything from athletes' injuries to peak performance levels. Enter the Tour de France -- the world's biggest cycling event, consisting of 198 riders across 22 teams w...
Categories: Nerd News

The SNES Classic is probably the last retro console Nintendo will make

2 hours 28 min ago
When Nintendo announced the SNES Classic earlier this week, nerd hearts everywhere were aflutter at another opportunity to relive old gaming glory. There was a hint of caution, though, as fans remembered how demand for Nintendo's first retro console...
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The 'Futurama' crew returns today in a new mobile game

2 hours 54 min ago
Good news, everyone: after no small amount of hype, you can revisit the Futurama universe on your phone. Jam City's TinyCo has released Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow for free on both Android and iOS. It's clearly another not-so-subtle attempt to cash...
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'Limbo' and 'Inside' will make for one creepy retail disc

3 hours 23 min ago
You've probably already beaten Limbo and Inside from Danish development team Playdead. But if you've wanted a physical version of the pair, that hasn't been available. Well, until now. Publisher 505 Games is partnering with the studio to put its maca...
Categories: Nerd News

Cox expands its 1TB data caps to more territories

3 hours 52 min ago
Cox is bringing its terabyte internet data caps to a bunch of new territories, having already introduced the plan to Cleveland, Ohio; Omaha, Nebraska; Sun Valley, Idaho; Florida, and Georgia. As a result, customers in Arizona, Las Vegas, Louisiana, a...
Categories: Nerd News

Scientists made an AI that can read minds

4 hours 23 min ago
Whether it's using AI to help organize a Lego collection or relying on an algorithm to protect our cities, deep learning neural networks seemingly become more impressive and complex each day. Now, however, some scientists are pushing the capabilities...
Categories: Nerd News

Windows 10 preview build protects your files from ransomware

4 hours 53 min ago
Microsoft's latest Windows 10 Preview Build for Insiders in the Fast ring introduces what's obviously meant as a response to all the ransomware attacks targeting the platform these days. The build comes with a new feature called "controlled folders"...
Categories: Nerd News

The Morning After: Thursday, June 29th 2017

5 hours 54 min ago
This morning, we're talking hidden smartphone fingerprint readers, 77-inch paper-thin TVs for a 'mere' $20k and a global ransomware cyberattack that might not even be ransomware. We'll explain that last one further, we promise.
Categories: Nerd News

Ocado's driverless delivery van is a glimpse of the future

6 hours 54 min ago
Filmers and photographers line the street, their fingers hovering over camera shutter buttons. "Any second now," an engineer mutters nearby, eyes glued to a smartphone screen tracking the truck's location. The group collectively takes a deep breath a...
Categories: Nerd News

Amazon Prime Day will include China and India on July 11th

7 hours 23 min ago
Amazon's Black Friday-like event for the summer will be back for the third time. On July 11th, the e-commerce giant will hold the third annual "Prime Day," and this time, more people will be able to take advantage of all the deals on offer. To start...
Categories: Nerd News

Recent 'NotPetya' attacks might not be ransomware at all

8 hours 52 min ago
The companies and agencies hit by a cyberattack in the Ukraine, Russia, the US, parts of Europe, Asia and Australia might never be able to recover their data. See, some security researchers, including Kaspersky Lab, believe that the malware that inva...
Categories: Nerd News

Meet the small 360 camera module that will fit into phones

10 hours 52 min ago
You're probably not aware of this, but a Chinese company dubbed ProTruly has already released the world's first two smartphones with a built-in 360 camera last December. Don't worry if you missed the news, because chances are you'd be put off by the...
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Canon's lightweight Rebel SL2 has a much-improved sensor

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 23:00
If you prefer a DSLR's true optical finder to the EVF of a mirrorless, but don't want to lug a heavy camera, there aren't many options. Canon does have one worthy of consideration, however: the EOS Rebel SL2. It replaces the four-year-old Rebel SL1 a...
Categories: Nerd News

Canon's full-frame 6D Mark II is a solid upgrade with a catch

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 23:00
Nearly four years after it first launched its original EOS 6D budget full-frame camera, Canon has unveiled a successor. The EOS 6D Mark II improves on the past model in nearly every way, offering more connection options, resolution, much faster autof...
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