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Welcome to Dagobah-System,com. This is a site where I hope professionals and accomplished hobbyists can engage in conversations and freely share their opinions and experiences. Topics here can and should range from computers and networking to board level electronics and micro-controllers. Additional topics can and will be accommodated as long as they are cool....and not dumb. There you have it. Welcome!

I'm going on 10 months between updates. So...

Yeah, so I'm looking at 10 months since my last update and well...who cares? Time has, once again, slipped away from me and my electronics hobby has been the part that's suffered. I started out the year SOOO well. My goal was to make a new PCB every month of this year. That's 12 projects, right? Pretty lofty? Maybe? For a guy who's life is not in turmoil sure, it's probably realistic. However, my life took an unexpected turn in the form of a job opportunity too good to turn down.

Garden Monitor update

I’m back onto my garden project! This is exciting. I made some good progress last year, but never got it all done. It was a crazy spring and summer and the whole thing just blinked by. Anyway, I decided to make a small scale, indoor version for testing and refining before subjecting it to the elements this coming spring. Here’s what I’ve got.

Lab on a budget Part 3/3: Creating your own tools

Something that I think most hobbyist do either out of necessity or due to budgetary constraints is create custom tools. It can be something simple or something more complicated, but when you need something, sometimes the only option is to create it yourself. It’s also a great way to build up your lab on a budget.

Incrementally Speaking

I’m hoping this doesn’t come across as one of those “look how old I think I am” posts, but something struck me this morning when I was looking at my home lab backup logs. I noticed that my incremental backup from yesterday totaled 262MB of data. My initial, nearly subconscious thought was, “yeah, that’s practically nothing, I’m sure SOMETHING was modified.” What I had done was mentally dismissed 262MB worth of data as nothing. What is remarkable to me about this, is that I was at work all day yesterday, and so was my wife.

Lab on a budget 2/3 - Cheap Power Supply: Better than a stack of 9V’s

Part two of my series “Lab on a Budget” I want to talk about the power supply I just bought via Amazon. I was in need of a second power supply for my home lab bench for some time now. Having only one supply was starting to get restrictive and, as I mentioned in previous post, my existing supply is becoming unreliable. I was looking for something with specs close to my existing supply. I wasn’t looking for anything super fancy, a bazillion amps, or super precision or anything like that.

Lab on a budget Part 1/3 - FreeNAS: Not as bad as you might expect.

As part one of my three part series called, “Lab on a Budget” I’m going to describe my recent experience with FreeNAS V x 64. After a recent hard drive failure in my cobbled together file server scared me half to death, I determined it was time to get serious about protecting my data for my home lab.

Still H8'n?

For those of you who are still complaining about Windows 8/(8.1 whatever), there may be something coming that should lower your blood pressure a little bit. It’s still mostly rumor and leaked images at this point (there are no shadows, so it’s hard to tell if it’s shopped or not), but with the rumored release date quickly approaching I guess we'll find out.

Getting back to my roots

I had an opportunity to get back to my roots as an I.T. professional and restored a little geek-cred - at least in my mind. A woman my wife volunteers with at a local museum had a new(er) laptop that she's been having problems with. She mentioned that it wouldn't charge or power on sometimes when she pressed the power button. No lights, no noises, no beeps, no fans, nothing. Just dead. Then she'd move it, or take it somewhere else and plug it in and it would power up. She correctly diagnosed the problem as a broken power jack.

Iffy Power Supply

As a hobby electronics guy most of the time the equipment that I can afford, or justify the expense of is old, used, substandard or of questionable quality in one way or another. The fact that most of my stuff falls into this category, introduces an number of variables into many of my projects - and it can REALLY suck.


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