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This could be, umm.. good news. XenServer = Open source

How about that. http://blogs.citrix.com/2013/06/25/xenserver-6-2-is-now-fully-open-source/

I've looked at Citrix quite a bit for virtualization as well as other things, and I've always stuck with VMware because of price. Well, that and market adoption. This news from Citrix is pretty exciting though, they've always had GREAT tools and features, and I've always thought it was sad that Citrix didn't have a bigger presence in the virtual world being that they INVENTED the virtual world. Anyway, I'm very excited for Citrix now. This could open a lot of doors in to companies that may not have considered them before. It should be interesting to see how VMWare reacts. I don't expect much movement from Microsoft.

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