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Super 8 Movie Review

I know this movie is a couple of years old, but I don't get out much. Most of the movies and TV shows I watch are older and I'm just now finally getting around to seeing them. I just watched Super 8 streamed on Netflix. This movie takes place in Ohio in the 1970's where a group of middle school aged kids are spending their summer making a horror movie with their super 8 video camera. While shooting a scene they end up filming some things that they probably shouldn't have. What they filmed ends up turning the town upside down. This is a horror/sci-fi movie but I would classify it, family friendly. It's scary, there are monsters and people get killed, but it's sort of goofy and fun. My first thought was Goonies. This movie is basically a 2000's version of Goonies. It's not quite THAT corny, but close.

It's J.J. Abrams, so it's done very well. Great special effects, good actors (for the most part) and even an overdone story line like this one is well executed. There are some bad swears, but they are in context and used sparingly. There is no sexual content at all, however there is one character that smokes pot a lot, but it's not glorified really and he's not a main focus in the movie. Anyway, if you are looking for a fun, scarry-ish, sci-fi, horror movie that you can probably watch with the entire family, this is probably it. I'm really glad this movies was made.


Soo.. as I was getting comments from friends and reading reviews of Super 8, it turns out that my comparison to Goonies isn't original. In fact the movie was practically marketed that way. Anyway, my analysis still stands, but I just wanted to point out just how out of touch I am. Thank You.

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