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I'm going on 10 months between updates. So...

Yeah, so I'm looking at 10 months since my last update and well...who cares? Time has, once again, slipped away from me and my electronics hobby has been the part that's suffered. I started out the year SOOO well. My goal was to make a new PCB every month of this year. That's 12 projects, right? Pretty lofty? Maybe? For a guy who's life is not in turmoil sure, it's probably realistic. However, my life took an unexpected turn in the form of a job opportunity too good to turn down. The result has been packing up all my worldly possessions and moving from the quiet, tranquil surroundings of northern Wisconsin to literally the CENTER of the urban jungle that is downtown Milwaukee. Sure sure, it's not New York or Chicago, but still, holy crap I'm living in the center of a REALLY big city. Like downtown. It's crazy. I used to have a 4 bedroom house with 3000 square feet of space on an acre of amazing grass and river front. Now, I'm paying 4 times as much for a 1 bedroom apartment. Honestly, it's been a hoot! I did get 5 PCBs made, but I did that in the first 3 months of the year, so maybe things will slow down and I can crank out 7 more in the next 3 months - probably not.

The point of this post is to prove that I'm still alive and my brain is filled with a bazillion cool/fun projects. As soon as I can get a few minutes of free time I will be setting up my home lab and getting to work, so stay tuned!

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