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House of Cards review

The Netflix Original Series “House of Cards”

Quick summary with no spoiler for those of you who have not seen it yet. Kevin Spacey plays a character named Francis (Frank) Underwood. Frank is a U.S. Senator with a reputation for his abilities to make things happen behind the scenes. He is the guy who greases the wheels and get things done. The series starts out with Frank very confident that he has played his cards right and will be selected as the next Secretary of State. He brags about how he has positioned himself to be the nominee. He has done favors for the right people and has been loyal to the right people. Unfortunately, someone else is chosen for the position and Frank is a bit disappointed. For now, at least, it’s back to business as usual, greasing wheels and making things happen.

Season one covers most of Frank’s methods, contacts, and techniques as he grapples with losing his chance to be Secretary of State. He deals with the press, the White House, The President, other senators and the public. His methods are as dirty and despicable as you might imagine with one episode clearly demonstrating the lengths at which he’s willing to go, to get whatever agenda he’s pushing accomplished.

With all the negative reviews and friends of mine saying that the series was disappointing after a certain number of episodes, I was waiting for the show to start sucking. In my opinion, it never did. People said there isn't one likable character in the show… I’m not sure you’re supposed to LIKE any of them. I DO think the characters are interesting, have been developed well.and the overall story has been great. I definitely recommend this show, and I’m looking forward for season 2.

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