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Ugly Couch Show Review

Anyone interested in digging into an area of geekdom that you didn’t know existed? Well, here’s a perfect opportunity in the form of a weekly podcast and an occasional (monthly?) video cast. The Ugly Couch Show is a bunch of guys, and occasionally a girl or two, that are as fanatical, opinionated and passionate about subjects normally associated with geek/nerd culture as the most roided-up, logo-wearing sports fan is about sports. These guys are the real deal, not professionals, paid to wear snarky t-shirts and push whatever new product, movie or video game that their sponsor is paying them push. These guys are lifelong comic book collectors, video game players, action figure collectors, sci-fi movie fans, etc… They all have day-jobs and do this show out of pure love and appreciation of all things geek.

This definitely NSFK/NSFW show is incredibly insightful, surprisingly objective and ultimately respectful to the opinions and interests of other nerds that focus on areas outside of their own preferred genres (oh? You collect Special Edition My Little Pony’s? Uhh.. that’s cool). The cast is made up of a variety of people, with a variety of backgrounds that bring a wide range of interests and expertise to the show.

The weekly shows follow a basic structure featuring segments like “News you don’t give a S#^t about!” to the somewhat more serious “Week in Geek!”, but the cast is easily and often knocked off track resulting in a more free-form and hilarious experience. These guys are funny, knowledgeable, fair, and…well… let’s call it “colorful” The podcasts run 1 ½ - 2 hours, the video casts are about 30 minutes.

So, if you are interested in true geek culture or want to learn more about true geek culture, check out the The Ugly Couch Show podcasts and their video “couch casts”.

Consider this your warning though: While the content of this show is not “adult” The language can be and is often very adult in nature. So, you’ve been warned, and if you can’t get past it, don’t listen to this show.

Check it out here: The Ugly Couch Show

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