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I know, I know, you've probably seen these banner ads all over the place, but I have to say - It's pretty awesome.

Garden Project - Light Sensor

As it turns out, sunlight is actually pretty important for plant growth. Who knew? Right? Well, it is important and if plants need it, I want to measure and log it as part of my Garden Project. To sense light, I'm simply using some photo resistors from Radio Shack. They come in a 5 pack I think, bunch of different sizes, but they all work exactly the same way. They are super simple components, but can be kinda tricky to get meaningful information out of. We need to add an additional component and do some math. I hate math.

Garden Project - Temperature Sensors

As promised, I'm going in depth on each of the components that make up the Garden Project and I'm starting with the temperature sensors. Monitoring temperature of the garden is going to play a huge part in how the garden performs. Down the line it's going to be a factor in the frequency of watering and the amount of water. Theoretically the hotter it is outside, the more evaporation will take place and watering should be longer I would think. It's going to be important early in the spring to make sure we don't dip down in to the frost temps also.

SparkFun's Dumpster Dive Part 1 (I hope)

In a rare occurrence of luck, I was able to score one of SparkFun's Dumpster Dive boxes. If you are unfamiliar with the Dumpster Dive it's pretty much what you'd expect. Sparkfun folks run around the office and fill boxes with 1 1/2 pounds of electronic goodness and sell it for $10. Much of this stuff would end up discarded if they didn't do this, so what you end up with is truly a mystery. Anyway, I'm super excited. So I'm going to post a video of the opening and list a complete inventory as soon as it comes in.

Garden Project

I'm about a year into this project, I figure it's probably time to start posting something about it here. Roughly this time last year, I had just bought a house in Wisconsin after moving here a year or so prior to that. My wife and I had been living on her parent's hunting property while we were getting settled in and began looking for a house to buy. On a section of the property my wife's Dad had setup a pretty good sized garden. While living there we took care of the garden and then had the benefit of being able to eat what was growing there. Amazing stuff.

Network Monitoring and Problem Solving

I recently downloaded and installed a free networking monitoring application just to check it out. I did this so I could monitor my internet bandwidth and hopefully track which VLANs were responsible for the majority of my internet usage. I didn't really have a problem, I was just curious and I like looking at pretty graphs. However, after installing and running this monitor for a few days I noticed a specific error message returning day after day.

Super 8 Movie Review

I know this movie is a couple of years old, but I don't get out much. Most of the movies and TV shows I watch are older and I'm just now finally getting around to seeing them. I just watched Super 8 streamed on Netflix. This movie takes place in Ohio in the 1970's where a group of middle school aged kids are spending their summer making a horror movie with their super 8 video camera. While shooting a scene they end up filming some things that they probably shouldn't have. What they filmed ends up turning the town upside down.

This could be, umm.. good news. XenServer = Open source

Mobile Malware - Pretty much the same as computer malware.

Dagobah-Original Content

A recent article from CNet reports Juniper's latest findings regarding Malware on Mobile devices. You can read the article here if you'd like, although I'll quickly summarize it for you now. Malware is hitting mobile devices pretty hard. Folks are getting this stuff through fake apps in their respective OS' app download mechanism and/or infected webpages.


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