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Ugly Couch Show Review

Anyone interested in digging into an area of geekdom that you didn’t know existed? Well, here’s a perfect opportunity in the form of a weekly podcast and an occasional (monthly?) video cast. The Ugly Couch Show is a bunch of guys, and occasionally a girl or two, that are as fanatical, opinionated and passionate about subjects normally associated with geek/nerd culture as the most roided-up, logo-wearing sports fan is about sports.

Adafruit Rocks

I just had to share a great experience I had with Adafruit. I bought some strands of RGB LED pixels from them last week (I'll post pictures and code from that project later). One of the strands was DOA. One worked, the other didn't. Almost no questions asked and entirely through email, I was able to order a replacement strand free of charge. Pretty sweet. No hoops to jump through, I didn't get buried in paperwork, no fronting cash, nothing just "Go here and place your new order for free". Just like that. Anyway. SUPER good job

House of Cards review

The Netflix Original Series “House of Cards”

New Site

Dagobah-system is starting to look different! Why? Because it was time, AND I condensed all my webpages into one hosting server and I didn't want to deal with migrating the site over. So, figured it was time for a refresh. This is it, I'm clearly still working on the layout, features etc... but it's starting to come together. I hope this version of the page might actually get some traffic! MAYBE I'll keep it updated as well? We'll see. Thanks you for visiting!

H8'n on Microsoft.

I know I’m putting myself out there with this article, but I’m doing it anyway. Folks, you need to stop freaking out about Windows 8. Just stop. I know, I know, at this point hating any new Microsoft product is an involuntary reflex. It’s like when the Dr. bangs on your knee with that little hammer and no matter how hard you try to control it, your lower leg swings out in front of you.


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